Continental Divide in Winter

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t mean to be, but some months we are! We have many volunteers and some of us are paid.

A one-month campaign works better as a “Call to Action”. This type of offer usually promotes a significant discount, such as through Groupon, and attracts a very price-conscious customer. That is not what we do. 

We offer branding campaigns that keep your business present long-term, month in and month out, by combining the long-term proven success model used by all major brands. Our sponsors come to us with (at least) a five-year plan for their business’s growth, and many of them repeatedly renew with us because they know we will keep them visible and present in our community.

The problem with advertising, often, is that it conveys the message “See Me, Buy From Me” in a crowded pool of other businesses shouting the same message. Businesses struggle with how to make themselves remarkable or memorable. In order to get attention, they think that they have to lower prices, offer discounts and to expand their service area in order to be successful. We all know that people who pay the least complain the most. And there is no loyalty: the minute you are not the cheapest, they are on to another vendor.

What we offer, sponsorship, is designed to bring you more warm referrals and increase your word of mouth. Residents want to do business with our sponsors because they are trusted and reliable, and because they care about our community. There is a reciprocity, not a one-way street.

Reach out to Jennifer Corbet by phone or email .
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