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The Truth About Print Media

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GQ's take

Print media is so powerful that it increases consumers’ brain response to social media advertising. A recent study measured brain response to social media ads alone versus social media ads seen after receiving print mail, and the results were incredible: It increased consumers’ brain response by 44%.

Bottom line: print is remembered more and it boosts your other channels, and this is regardless of age.


By pairing your magazine ad with one of our digital offerings, you can reach consumers on multiple platforms and build greater loyalty toward your brand. Advertising campaigns can be up to three times more powerful when print and digital strategies are used together.

Bottom line: print and digital complement each other.


A different study found online marketing campaigns that included print produced 163% more profits than campaigns that used digital media alone, indicating that a combination of print and digital is a powerful marketing choice.

Bottom line: Print is NOT dead and is continuing to generate quality leads. Check this out: 70% of Americans prefer to read on paper and 67% prefer printed materials over digital.


GQ Magazine stated in their Culture section that “Reading print magazines is an elite pursuit. But as we head into 2024, the print tide is coming back in. Magazines are merch now: Signifiers of good taste, to be displayed on the coffee table or desk to let visitors know that you don’t just mindlessly scroll at your phone… print is a luxury experience.”


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